Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Weekend

Demi has another off year in her 11's here.  That means we only have a weekend event this year.  It really must be tough, not to have an actual birthday.  But Family and Friends made it special.  We had a great night out last night.  We got to sit and talk with some of our favorite people.  Not all, but quite a few.  Demi deserved a nice night out.  She's been working hard keeping us all together.  I am glad she had fun.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy 14th, Coco!

It was almost like old time tonight.  A few of Coco's friends came over.  They ate pizza.  They had cake.  The played XBOX.  They even played a few rounds of Texas Hold 'em.  They laugh a bunch.  It was nice to hear.  It was a great way to finish the week.
     It was a tough week overall.  I think I might be overstating it, if I said we managed a stale mate.  Coco didn't go to school as much as we had been hoping.  He missed a whole day on Tuesday.  He fought us hard today.  Demi and I ganged up on him, two on one.  We wore him down.  He didn't go the full day, but we made all the core classes.  It's almost harder because he is such a great student.  He is not as far behind as most kids would be.  It might be better, if he needed to be in class more.   But next week is another week.  Another start.  If it doesn't snow that is....

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Last day of Feb Break

Back to school tomorrow.  Can't wait.  The kids need to go back.  We all need a break.  We have been couped up too long.  The snow is creating cabin fever.  At least, Caz had Driver's Ed all week.  That is a big milestone.  Our little boy is close to driving.  Well, he thinks he is.  He's doing well.  He needs to mature a bit.  But don't all young drivers?  He is taking it seriously.  He studied.  He did his homework.  He passed his tests.  Next up?  Permit.
     I am worried about Coco for tomorrow.  He needs to go back to school.  I don't want him getting anxious today.  But at the same time, I am not going to let him continue with his attitude.  He can smell like teen spirit all he wants, but he needs to understand the parent/child relationship.  Keep your fingers crossed, OK?

Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day Blowout

No, not a big sale.  Coco and I had it out.  He put his arse down about helping out, shoveling, cleaning, etc.  All he wanted was his electronics.  I tried the calm approach.  I tried being pleasant.  Everything was eye rolls, sighs, and attitude.  Enough!  Electronics were taken.  Screaming ensued.  Whoever thinks that there will never be any yelling is delusional.  Some of it is healthy.  We probably skirted the line, hopping back and forth.  It never went way over though.  He needs a firmer hand now.  He's too comfortable.  This long break is not good for him.  He needs to get out and be active.  Sometimes, it all needs to come to a head before it gets better.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

How does your family spend Valentine's Day?  We decided to have family time....up on the roof.  I knew I had to address the 3 plus feet of snow on the roof of the garage/den.  I crawled up with a shovel.  Next thing I know, Demi and the boys are out there with me.  I was bit nervous about having us all up there.  I kept the boys away from the far edge and close to shallow parts.  With all the snow, it was only a 2 foot drop to the ground from the roof, where they were.  As we got enough snow to cover all our combined body weights off the roof and barely made a dent, I became grateful for the help.  I spent close to 4 hours getting all that snow off.  But we managed to have a great time.  Caz slid from the peak, on his butt, all the way to the front yard.  The novelty wore off for Coco quickly, but he chipped in.  They went sledding with their cousin after, increasing the extended family time.
     Later that night, the boys cooked a holiday dinner with mom.  It was great.  Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and carrots.  Salad too!  We had a nice dinner as a family.  This stuff is important.  It sets the tone.  I recommend making the time.  It is more than worth it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Coco bailed on school today.  It wasn't without a struggle.  Demi did a great job managing him.  She did her best to get hi to go.  She exhibited a lot of strength.  She didn't back down. She pushed. She negotiated. She demanded.  She explored all options.
     Coco swears he will go tomorrow.  He reiterated that fact, even after Demi introduced a new dynamic.  No more staying home.  If he is too sick to go to class, he can ride out the day in the nurse's office or guidance.  I think he was a bit shocked.   But it didn't throw him.  He acknowledged the fact.  That's all we can ask.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pardon the Interruption

The second straight day of school being closed.  This is 6 days in 3 weeks.  I really don't think these short weeks are helping our Get Coco Back to School program.  These extended layoffs are allowing him to be too comfortable at home.  They are allowing too much build up to getting back into a routine.  He is currently experiencing stomach pains.  He is getting stressed.  He is psyching himself out.  Counterproductive.