Saturday, July 7, 2018

Levitate Music Festival 2018

I was surprised when Coco inquired into Levitate.  I didn’t think he enjoyed himself all that much last year.  It was more like he tolerated it.  But I guess having a girl you like interested in going helps.  And then ending up going with 3 ladies probably made the decision a slam dunk.
     He knew our friend had offered passes in the past.  He was really fired up when our friend came through.  He organized his crew.  He went and picked up the tickets.  He got his older brother to drive them to the fairgrounds.  He even walked all the way home with his friends.  They spent a solid 6-7 hours at the music festival.  I don’t think these bands are in Coco’s wheelhouse either.  But I think he like walking around the food trucks, crafts tents and stages.
     Demi and I were happy to have the crew back to our house after.  They ordered a pizza and hung out for a while.  It ended a bit earlier than I would have guessed but a good day for Coco.  I did like to see that.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July 4th 2018

Happy Independence Day, folks!  It is another day where Demi and I have an annual talk with the boys.  We tell them we want to know their plans, where they plan to be, and when they plan to be home (or to sleepover).  We tell them that we worry about other people.  It is a time of year where there tends to be a spike in impaired driving and poor decision making.  Caz got a taste of it one year when he was stopped by police three times in one night.  We tell them we love them and we want them to be safe.  Simple.
     I think they understand it too.  Of course Caz has to work for 9 hours of the holiday.  It means time and half though.  He went out after work.  But he let me know when he would be home.  Well after a little prompting anyway.
     Have a happy and a safe 4th of July.  Hope you are spending it with loved ones and enjoying your time together.

Friday, June 22, 2018

School’s Out 2018

Last day of school for Coco.  One final today.  Latin.  He should do well.  And he did.
     I was very surprised final grades came out today.  All fourth quarter marks.  All final exam grades.  Coco did really well.  He aced the final and the quarter for Physics, after starting with a C+.  He nailed it and brought his year grade up.  He had all A’s & a few B’s.  He should be really proud of himself.  Part of me thinks this is great.  What a rally and way to finish strong.  Part of me thinks he could do even better by working harder.  Maybe a little less time playing Fortnite.  But for now, I will let him celebrate his accomplishments.  He deserves to do just that.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father’s Day 2018

This was a strange Father’s Day this year.  I really didn’t get to see the boys.  Coco was working.  Caz slept late after being out late.  I went to the beach early, and stayed until 3 pm.  Demi joined me later.  Ideally, I would have us together as a family.  I will chalk it up to a circle of life thing.
     The best part of the day?  Present time.  But it wasn’t the presents themselves.  We did that late.  The boys asked around 6 pm, if they could play hoops with some of Caz’s friends.  I was really touched that Caz asked Coco to play.  That was fantastic to see.  When they came back and wanted to do presents, sure it was nice to see them excited about what they picked out.  But the card was the best.  They both wrote personal, heartfelt notes.  I really appreciate the thoughts and sentiments.  I love those two.  It is great they can express themselves.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cooking Lessons

Caz got up and announced he was making a grocery run to get fixings for French Toast.  Demi asked him if he knew what he needed.  He really didn’t.  He knew the staples but wasn’t confident he had it all.
     Upon return, he pulled out a pan and asked if he could use it.  He then proceeded to ask how to cook the French toast.  Demi got up a hair before me.  However, when I went to freshen up my coffee, there was a battle about to rage over cooking bacon.  Caz loves bacon.  He loves the eating of the bacon, but the cooking of the bacon, not so much.  He is afraid of the splatter.  Demi was overseeing but thing were getting contentious.  The kid needs to learning.  Learning can be painful....

Friday, June 8, 2018

ACT-ung Baby

Driving home from a fundraiser, at 11:30 pm, is not the time I expect a call from Coco that he can’t find his calculator he needs for tomorrow’s ACT.  It’s only the college boards.  Something he needs to get into a college of his choice.  This seems like the perfect time to start getting your things ready for an early AM.
     All I wanted to do was go home and fall into bed.  I spent an hour tearing the house apart.  I went out to the car to search.  I looked under couches.  Finally, we just ran out of places to look.  I went to bed extremely frustrated.  But tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Visits

Caz’s girlfriend is up visiting.  Demi and Caz picketed her up from Logan today.  Caz is so excited.  Si is Demi actually.  The girlfriend is really nice.  We really like having her here.  It is fun to see them interact.  I do like to observe Caz like this.  He is very sweet.  I hope that means I set a good example.  I did try to teach the boys how to treat women properly.  Sure, I might be a bit old school chivalry.  I believe it’s a polite ideal.  It’s not mean to be condescending.  It is meant honorable and good.