Sunday, April 13, 2014

Turning 15

Happy 15th Birthday Caz!  I hope you have a great day.  Enjoy the new amplifier.  I really hope you start playing the guitar again.  You are at a great age for it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Notes from Fatherhood

Two interesting Dad moments tonight:

1) Dinner with Coco, one on one.  Big Kahuna Burgers.  They were indeed tasty burgers.  I thoroughly enjoyed when Coco asked me if he could have a soda to help wash down his tasty burger.  It was also fun to see him taking in Tin Cup on the TV they had going in the seating area.  He seemed interested.  In a golf movie.  Go figure.

2) Caz made coffee tonight.  Actually he setup the coffee maker.  Grounds.  Cinnamon. Filter. Water.  Then he set the timer for 6:30 AM.  I could get used to this.  I knew starting him on coffee would pay off.....

Monday, April 7, 2014

Back to School

Coco got back to school today.  We finally turned the corner from his health problem.  He had missed 6 straight days.  It was Father & Son time all weekend, starting Friday.  I took him to the doctor. After getting looked over, we had a course of action.  The new treatment started pretty quickly, I have to say.

     By afternoon, Coco said to me, "Dad, I feel so much better."

     Those words were magic.  Then I felt better.  I don't know how parents with major challenges do it.  The rest of the weekend went smoothly too.  We even go to go out as a family on Saturday night.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Opening Day 2014

Today was the Fenway home opener for the Sox.  It came will all the expected pomp and circumstance of the occasion.  I have to say kudos to NESN.  They didn’t utter a word during the hour long spectacular leading up to the roster introductions.  It was perfect.  Sure, it might have been nice to know who some of the first responders/victims were when tribute was paid to the Marathon Bombing event and recent Boston fire tragedy.  But it was really nice to sit in quiet and see the Sox players interact with all of them.  Papi was the Sox ambassador of good will.  He hugged everyone that came close to him.  The players made goo-goo eyes at the infants/toddlers.  It was well done. 
I was fortunate enough to be home to Coco to watch it.  I hope he appreciated all of it.  He takes in a lot.  He thinks a lot.  I think seeing something well done and respectful like this display will have a positive influence on him. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coffee To Go

Well, it was no April Fool’s joke.  Caz has gone to the bus stop every morning this week with a travel mug full of Joe.  Since he just measured in at 5’11” last week, can I really say it will stunt his growth?  It is actually pretty comical for me to hear Demi ask how he likes his coffee.  I think he is still perfecting his sugar & cream to coffee ratio.  He is still a novice after all.
It is really a good thing.  As I noted before, the caffeine will help him combat his ADD and increase his attention span early.  Maybe it will help lead to a better breakfast and morning routine.  To say that Caz is not a morning person is a huge understatement.  Couple that with the fact that Demi is also not a fan of the AM, you increase the likelihood of a school AM disaster.  All heck will rain down on the child responsible for missing the bus.  You think Noah was facing a wrathful vengeance?  He didn’t miss the Ark to school

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's 2014

This one went by the boards unnoticed.  Not one prank to speak of at all.  A bit of a disappointment really.  Ah, what can you do?  Life happens.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Travel Coffee Mug

Well, Demi put Caz on the bus today with coffee to go.  Clearly a first.  It boggled her mind a bit.  Caz apparently had developed a taste for it.  The caffeine is actually good for his ADD.  The extra stimulation should help him concentrate.  Our little boy is becoming a man.