Sunday, August 10, 2014


Its a good thing we had vacation.  A chance to get our rest.  Because coming home has been a challenge.  The kids have had no rules for days.  Caz in particular has been coming and going as he has pleased.  He obviously hasn't had his medication since we left.  He may not make it through the night.  He needs to be confined to his room.  He's completely out of hand.
     I definitely am not feeling well.  I could not take him talking back to Demi any more.  He had to be straightened out.  I looked him straight in the eye and told him, "enough!"  I told him it ends now, or there would be consequences.  He could tell by my look that I was serious.  He finally relented.  Peace at last.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Demi and I are getting a timeout.  A well deserved timeout. We are hitting a destination wedding in Cancun.  Demi's nephew decided to get married in Mexico. In August.  So be it.  But 5 days without the kids, just Demi and me.  Sounds nice.  Pools.  Beach.  Sun.  Unlimited food and drink.  We will just have to grin and bear it.
     I think the break will do us all good.  We all get our space.  Time by ourselves.  Each one of us.  We are all due.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dog Days are not Over

Yes, the Dog Days of August are here.  No.  I am not talking about the weather.  I only wish I were.  No, the boiling points of the family have been reached.  The kids are acting up.  Our patience, Demi's and mine, are wearing thin.
     The youngest one is having mood swings like a metronome.  A metronome for Metallica that is.  Fast and furious. His hormones must be raging.  He is maniacally laughing one minute.  The next, he is sobbing like he just watched the endings of Brian's Song and Old Yeller in succession.  We can't keep up with him.
     The older one is at least consistent.  He's a PITA.  He's cranky.  He's surly.  He's defiant.  He's a smart Alec.  Sure, sounds like a typical teenager.  Maybe he is.  But that is why there are songs about teenagers.
     The battles will rage.  We will endure.  We must.  Other parents get through it.  So can we.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tiger Training Day

Yesterday was a great family fun day.  Demi's boss got this company together on Duxbury Beach for a BBQ.  It was a long day. But a great day.
    We stormed Duxbury Beach on the Bay side.  We had tables of food, a huge tent and grill.  Our kids took it all in stride.  They were by far the oldest kids.  Again.  They played with the young kids.  Again.  They really were terrific.
     Caz showed some growth.  He meandered about the beach on his own.  He walked up to his friends house on his own.  He normally doesn't do stuff like that.  I had planted the seed.  He did the hard work to overcome his natural tendencies to be shy and find a way to stay put.  I was proud of him for taking the initiative

Friday, July 11, 2014

Father/Son II

Tonight it was Coco's night.  Although, as the day started, I really thought it was going to be disaster.  He came home from a sleepover and was a complete basket case.  He was a moody little son of a.....Anyway, he rallied.  His buddy set them a tee time.  He came home a different kid.
     When I finished working, I told him to grab his shoes.  When he looked at me, I told him we were taking Gizmo for a walk on the beach, then grabbing some grub at a new joint.  He almost played the Tired Card but didn't.  We drove out to the beach and he had Gizmo in his arms, head hanging out of the window (Gizmo, not Coco) the whole time.  We walked Gizmo around the beach.  Coco grabbed some little blue plastic bags, just in case.  The sun was out.  It was a comfortable temperature.  It was a perfect night for this.
     Then we drove to the Green Harbor Lobster Pound.  As we did I told him how his grandfather used to buy us lobsters there, all the time growing up.  I think he got a kick out of that.  I let him order a fried shrimp plate.  I got The Best Lobster Roll around.  (That is a story for another time).  I let him get some pink lemonade.  He picked out a spot on a picnic table.  We ate outside as the sun was starting to go down.
     I read to him out on the porch when we got home.  I actually took some time for me too, grabbing a beer and cigar, as I read.  Two nights.  Two fantastic Father/Son nights.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Father/Son Night

This could have been a disaster of a night.  Caz had been home all day, unsupervised.  He had slept late.  He claimed to have done everything on his list.  I couldn't get out of work early, as planned.  Demi was in NY for a funeral.  Coco was at his cousin's.
     On the way home, I decided to try to make it a guys night.  I walked in, said hi.  I told him that I was going to change and after I did, we would go get ourselves running shoes.  I promised dinner too.  He was very agreeable.  He shut off the TV and got ready to head out.
     He was really a good sport in the store.  He let the store clerks watch him walk, study his movement, and see him run.  They trotted out 6 different styles of shores.  He tried them all on.  He even chuckled when we remarked about his reserved nature, eschewing the more exotic colors and styles.  He did up his game and settled on some new running shoes with some wild trim.  Baby steps.
     Then we went over to Windy City Dogs, for hot dogs.  He got a giant corn dog, double cheeseburger and fries.  We watched the end of the Sox game.  A walk off win  We had some great conversation.  He even took the good natured ribbing, as I tried to pry some information on a girl he had his eye on, out of him.  We went out for ice cream after.  I let him pick his favorite place.
     When we got home, we settled onto the couch.  I read to him for a long time.  Somewhere along the line, he fell asleep.  It was just like when he was a toddler.  It was really a perfect evening.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Patience Runs Out

Tonight was the night.  Caz's luck ran out.  Because my patience ran out.  He left the house without his phone.  Again.  He did leave a note.  So it wasn't too bad.  But when we couldn't get a hold of him, all bets were off.  I came home tired, and had to go back out to get him.  Except when I got to his buddy's house, none of them were there.  My friend, his buddy's dad, told me he had just dropped them at the mall.  Caz had left the neighborhood without asking permission.
     All holy hell broke out when he got home.  Actually, it could have been worse.  I tried, very hard, to curtail any shouting.  Caz started down his list of excuses.  Demi and I were having none of it.  But it was late.  We all needed to go to bed.  Instead of drawing it all out, we let him go to bed.  Go to bed with the expectation of punishment forthcoming.  That might have been worse than the actual punishment.