Friday, November 4, 2016

Anniversaries and Adventures in Babysitting

Today is a big day.  It is my parents 49th wedding anniversary.  It is also the start of a weekend of watching my nephew and niece.  We thought we would combine events and make a celebrations of it.    I invited my parents over to have dinner with all of us, our kids and my brother's kids.  Nothing says extended family celebration in our house like Chinese food.
     I picked up my nephew from day care.  Linda called in the order of Chinese food.  Caz picked up my niece from a play date with her neighbor.  It was all going so well.  Until Hank and I went to pick up the food.  They didn't have or order.  The order was called into the other location.  So off we went on a 40 minute detour.  Oh well.  More one on one time with my nephew.  He was in great spirits.  He gave me such a great hello when I picked him up.  He was very chatty.  He was looking to help me get the food.
     My parents were happy.  They appreciated the time with all of us.  They didn't have plans.  They were also not feeling up to much after Dad's surgery and Mom's complication from her test.  I pressed them for next year.  What would they like to do? Who would they like to see?  Dad said no one.  He doesn't want a fuss.  Too bad.  This is the one time I have to ignore his wishes.  50 years is a long time.  It deserves a celebration.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

War Eagle

Caz's first response from the college application process came in today.  Congratulations Caz, on being accepted by Auburn University.  It is great to know you have an acceptance early.  This is very early.  He's in somewhere.  Our boy is going to college.  Auburn is a highly ranked engineering school too.  That is just fantastic.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Gamecock Trip

What a successful trip.  Everything was perfect.  The boys had a great college visit.  Friday was fried chicken for breakfast.  We went by the baseball stadium, only to find out there was an intrasquad World Series going on later that afternoon.  The Garnet and Black World Series.  The campus tour was amazing.  The boys got to sit behind MLB scouts and their radar guns at the baseball game.  It was 85 and sunny, so perfect afternoon weather to hang out in the shade in shorts and T-shirts.  Our tour guide gave us an amazing tip for BBQ for dinner.  I was introduced to white Alambama BBQ sauce.  We walked the streets down town and grabbed some ice cream.  Day one was the perfect tour.
     Day 2 was Game Day.  We went out to Williams Brice Stadium where the Gamecocks were 14 point underdogs to Tennessee.  We did the whole tailgating thing.  We had been invited to a tailgate randomly the night before.  We went through Gamecock Park and Gamecock Village.  We saw the. Gamecock Walk.  We saw the line of Cabooses by the stadium.  And then the game was fantastic.  The home team won by 3.  The place was going bonkers the whole time.
     The quote of the weekend was Caz - "It is so peaceful here."  If the South didn't sell itself to Caz on this trip, nothing will.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


We left for Columbia, SC, tonight.  The boys and I are off on a college visit to the University of South Carolina.  We are off to a rough start.  We are delayed in NY at Laguardia.  A VP candidate's plane overshot the runway.  The landing gear broke.  Now we wait.  We will get there.  Just later than expected.  The boys are good.  They are taking it all in stride.  They are excited to get there.  That is half the battle.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Senior Day XC 2016

Today was the last XC home meet of the year.   The last of Caz's career.  It is they day the team recognizes the seniors on the team and their parents.  Caz was called out in front of the team.  He gave a flower to Demi.  I took a photo of it.  Then we had Coco take a picture of Caz and both his parents.  It is one of many "lasts" for Caz.  It is getting real.  Our little boy will be graduating.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Curse of the Supermoon

Extra high High Tide? Super bright light at night?  Wolves baying at the moon? Ok.  Maybe not that last part.  But hard time sleeping? Yep!  There is something to the increase of insomnia coinciding with a full moon.  My mind was racing.  I could not slow it down.  I tried meditation with no luck. It's going to be a long day.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bumps in the Road

Life is full of potholes.  Full of bumps in the road.  We ran into one today.  Coco was down for the count.  It's the first "unexcused" absence.  His IBS was painful.  He couldn't make it in today.  I tried to reign in all my thoughts.  I happened to be working from home.  I couldn't let him think I was upset, discouraged, disappointed, or what have you.  We knew we were not out of the woods.  We knew there would be setbacks.  It is still hard on us all.  It is just the first time, so all the old fears come back.  Just don't let it show, right?