Monday, April 6, 2015

Opening Day 2015

It is that time of year.  It is another sure sign of Spring  The Red Sox season starts today.  It's always such a spirit boost.  Especially after Snowmaggedon 2015.  There is still a lot of snow on the ground here.  It doesn't seem like it can possible be baseball season.  But it is here.  With all the promise that Opening Day represents.  It really is a magical day.  "This baseball is magic."  We could sure use some.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Back to hosting Easter this year.  We had a year off last year.  I will say there was not a month plus build up like in years past.  She didn't sweat prep.  She created a great menu again.  Even the decorations were last minute.  We didn't pull out the decorations until yesterday.  Coco and I ended up doing the window display and set the table.  It was "low-fi" but it worked.  The Easter baskets were very bare bones.  Coco really go into the prep though.  It was nice to see him engaged.  Both the boys got into decorating the Easter eggs.  Well, maybe not too enthusiasm, but they showed some signs of life while doing it.  Coco was all about the Easter egg hunt.  He was a man on a mission.  He actually begged the crap out of Demi while she was cooking like a mad woman.  He could not wait this AM, to go out and hide the eggs.  He had to make sure the total eggs hidden was divisible by 4.  Fair is fair after all.  The winner was my nephew.  He had a ball during the hunt.  He got the full attention of his cousins.  He was so excited.  In turn, I think it really made Coco feel good.  Mission accomplished.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Having a Good Day

It was a good day today.  Coco got up and at 'em early.  He got off to school  He came home and went right to his buddy's house.  He stayed there for a few hours.  It's great to see him actively socializing.  He needs that.  We need that.  His friends have been really great through all of this.  It's been a real positive.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's 2015

A slight hiccup.  It's a short week with Good Friday.  We were really hoping to get Coco into school for the 4 days this week.  It was not to be.  He "couldn't" make it today."  And this wasn't an April Fool's joke.  I do think he was playing us a bit.  Going to the well with a staple causation.  We took away electronics during school hours.  It's for his own good.  He can't be comfortable at home on days like these.  He needs to push it.  We will bet back on track tomorrow.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Home Again

The boys were fine when we got home.  Sure they stunk.  Most teenage boys do.  Gizmo was excited to be back with the family.  After some decompression time, we all attended to some items we had to accomplish, showers, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Then we set aside some dedicated family time.  The boys chose to play Scattegories.  That is always a crowd-pleaser.  Highlight or lowlight of the night?  You decide.
The roll was an "L".
We all wrote our answers.  As we started the unveiling process, Caz got up to blow his nose.  It looked a little forced but nothing alarming.  Coco read his brother's answers, while Caz was out of the room.  At least until number 4 he did.  Number 4 was "Type of dance".
Demi = "Limbo"
Dad = "Lambada" (I figured the boys would have no idea)
Coco didn't have an answer.  He also refused to read his brother's answer.  He just turned red and tried to hide a grin.  Finally, I pressed him.
"Why? Is it Lap?"
Coco burst out laughing but managed a "Yes."  So clearly they both have heard the phrase.  They both knew it was something racy.  I don't think either one really knows a definition.  Oh sure, I think they get the just.  But that was end of discussion.  Ah, yes.  Family time.....

Saturday, March 28, 2015

17 Years and Counting

Happy Anniversary, Demi!
     Demi and I are celebrating our 17th anniversary in Providence this year.  A simple overnight, but it will be a nice break for us all.  The boys have places to stay overnight.  So does Gizmo.  I don't think we are far away from the boys being able to stay alone for night.  But not quite yet.  And we will have to have a test run where Gizmo is cared for elsewhere.  They need to prove they can take care of themselves, before they can be responsible for the Giz.
     I have said before and will say it again, we all need a break sometimes.  We need some time to be by ourselves.  It's a healthy break.  Demi and I need some time to be a couple.  We are going to have brunch and dinner out.  We don't have a locked in itinerary.  We don't have to be anywhere at a certain time.  We can be as leisurely as we choose.  We really deserve a break.  I can't wait.

Friday, March 27, 2015

March Madness Finishing Strong

Coco had a strong finish to the week.  He recovered nicely from the miss on Monday.  He made it in for full days.  He has caught up on more missing work.  He is a bit anxious over his grades.  That is despite the conversation where Demi and I stated emphatically that his grades were not a concern for us.  We told him that we wanted him to be in school full time.  The school work would come after that.  I believe we were successful in talking him down.  He is proud of his school record.  That is a good thing.  Right now though, we have other concerns.  The grades will come.