Monday, March 23, 2015

There's Always Tomorrow

Minor set back today.  Well, I hope its minor anyway.  Coco did not make it to school today.  At least he did not make the morning sessions.  Demi got him there for the last couple of classes of the day.  It didn't help her that the bus was late.  That meant she had to be out with Caz, rather than working on Coco.  Coco needs to the attention to get him up and going in the morning.  We will look to get back on a streak tomorrow.  One day at a time, right?

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Full Week

Coco completed his first full week of school.  This is a huge miles.  Sure, there were a few doctors appointments mixed in.  There was a planned half day for a Teacher Administrative day.  Other than that, he was in every day.  Demi did a great job managing it.  He handled the scheduling.  I was able to help out on Weds and Fri, while working from home.  Demi had a well oiled machine going.  And it paid off.  Coco came home from schools with tales to tell each day.  He was having fun in class with classmates.  Something interesting happened in class each day.  It was nice to see.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Game of Kings

I took my good chessboard out today with the hopes of enticing the boys into playing a game with their old man.  It worked.  It worked better than I hoped for.  I use it as a way to get a read on each of them.  I like to see how they think.  I like to see them create and pursue a strategy.  It is sort of like poker.  I can read their expressions.  I can see the wheels turning.  Sure, the boys play Texas Hold 'em.  It's not the same as good old fashioned draw poker.  It's not the old west.  The boys play Texas Hold 'em with their friends, but it is the TV version.  They wear their shades.  Their hoodies.  Earphones.
     My plan worked.  I had really good games with both of them.  I must say that Caz and I had our Searching for Bobby Fischer moment.  I could really read into him.  I could tell from the choice of picking to go last, that he was planning on playing a defensive strategy.  He was planning to react to my moves.  I wanted to push him.  I played much more of an attacking strategy that I normally do.  I am not saying I was throwing the game.  But my main agenda was playing a game to make Caz uncomfortable.  I wanted to challenge him to make him think.  He did that and more.  I pushed the attack.  I left some holes.  I wanted to see if he would take them.  He took some.  He left others.  He really put a lot of thought into each move.  I almost wished we were playing speed chess at certain points.  But it was fun watching him check the board.  And yes, by the way, he won.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! 3/14/15!  This is a Coco favorite.  He really gets a kick out of it.  Kudos to his teachers for hyping it up.  Well done!

Friday, March 13, 2015


I should have known that Friday the 13th was a bad sign.  I lost today.  We lost.  But I definitely got crashed.  I don't want to diminish a good week.  We got 3 full days in total.  Well, almost full.  Demi forgot to change her alarm clock for daylight savings.  So Monday got off to a late start.  The bonus there was that Caz got up and to the bus on his own. Left a note and everything.  And now we know he can do it....
     Coco and I had a rough finish to the week.  It was my day.  I was able to spell Demi, to get her off
to the gym and work without having to worry about Coco.  I could not get him off the couch.  I could not get him to school.  I will say that I used every ounce of patience I had.  I never raised my voice.  I was pleasant.  I was logical.  I was tough but fair.  Coco did not have a good time of it.  I practiced some tough love.  I made it uncomfortable for him to stay home.  I took away his electronics.  No TV.  It was like a real sick day.  "Here's your Kindle.  Read."
"I finished my book."
"Start another one"
     Cocon tried to get under my skin.  He rolled on the floor.  He lay on the floor.  He bounced a tennis ball.  He rolled the tennis ball off the base board.  He clanged it louder.  I asked him if he wanted a sandwich for lunch.  I never took the bait.  He tried picking fights.  I changed the subject.  Or I refused to engage.  "I won't be yelled at." or "I won't be spoken to that way."
     Time will tell.  I think it drove home a message.  Don't get too comfortable at home.  You need to be in school.  I don't care about the work.  You just need to be there.  That is the goal.  And we will get there.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cousins in Arms

My nephew and niece are staying with us this weekend.  It's good to have some quality time with them.  Good for our boys too.  Despite the age gap, they get along extremely well.  The dynamic is amusing.  My niece gravitates to Coco.  My nephew gravitates towards Caz.  I think all 4 of them were looking forward to it.
     I will say that it was nice to have someone excited to see you.  I picked them both up from school/daycare on Friday night.  It was rock star time.  I got amazing greetings.  Going home was fun too.  Coco and Demi came home right about the same time.  Caz had his buddies over.  He was good about it.  He let all the kids hang out a bit with his crew.  He ended up going over another house and spending the night.  But that is fine.  He is at that age that he wants to be with his friends.  It's only natural.
     Coco and I took my nephew out on Saturday.  We spent about 2 hours out in the snow.  It was good to see them both active.  Demi too my niece out for a girls day.  They came home with multicolored nails.  It was quite a rainbow.  It was all a good departure from the norm.  I hope it sets a good tone for everyone.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Keeping It Going

We definitely didn't win this week.  We did get one full day in.  We really wanted to get multiple days in.  It didn't happen.  Personally, I think it's more being stubborn on Coco's part.  We need to put the clamps down more.  He needs to be pushed   I will take the wins that we did get this week.  He is caught up in quite a few classes.  But there is no manual for this.  No blueprint.  No guidebook.  Time will tell but I think we are doing all we can.