Monday, January 23, 2017

Turnaround Day

It's a good thing that I took my own advice yesterday and cooled down before I sat down to write my blog.  Irate is not a good state of mind to think, let alone put words on paper (or on-line).  After my mental timeout and upon reflection, a disaster of an afternoon was salvaged.
     Something was amiss yesterday.  The stars were misaligned.  The tea leaves were scrambled.  There was a disturbance in the Force.  It was Battle Royale in the Chin household.  It start innocuously, like many of these events do.  Demi and I had gone off to the supermarket on a weekly food & supplies run.  Demi had planned out a week's worth of meals, including the days she won't be around (off on a girls weekend with the Island Ladies.  I use the term "Ladies" loosely....).  When we grabbed our carriages, Demi reached into her pocket for her food list to divide up.  Empty.  Other pocket.  Empty.  The list was back on the kitchen table.  Now with technology, this should be simple.  Call one of the boys and have them text a picture of it.  Simple, right?  Teenage attitude says otherwise.  Coco couldn't be bothered to pause his game.  He gave Demi all kinds of hell.  When he finally succumbed, he ended up finding an old list.  So when Demi called back to inform him of the error, it escalated.  She tried to call Caz and he wasn't answering.  I called Caz and he reacted well.  He must have passed Coco on the stairs who informed Caz that he was going to handle attempt #3.  Coco finally got the right list, but the photo was blurry.  Demi and I muddled through.
     The effects lingered though.  Demi decided upon our return that the time was right to inform me of my error in where I chose to place the dog's leash and coat.  I didn't react well to that.  I felt there was some misplaced anger and voice just that opinion.  The boys were slow to my call of coming to carry in the groceries.  Caz made his way down but Coco still could not pry himself away from the game.  So I pulled the WiFi.  Problem solved, right?  Coco blew a nutty.  Drinks were spilled.  Stuff was thrown.  Screaming.  The whole nine yards.  Anger not in proportion to the offense.  Caz took some friendly fire was for the most part was unscathed.  We all went to our corners of the house and cooled down.  I thought for sure the night was shot.  But pleasantly surprised, I was wrong.
     Demi executed her plan to create the perfect sandwich for the family to eat during the Patriots game.  I helped her set the table, affix the accouterments, procure the drinks, and clean up.  The boys came to the living room to eat.  Everyone was in a much better mood.  The banter was friendly.  We all enjoyed watching the game.  And to top it all off, the Patriots won.  We must have been inspired by Capt. Comeback himself, Tom Brady.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Celtics Night

Coco received tickets to a Celtics game for XMAS.  He was presented 4 tickets, so he could take some buddies.  Last night was game night.  There was a lot of planning but it was teenager planning,  Demi and I kept hearing, "I got it."  He didn't have it so much.
     In the end, it all worked out well.  He secured two friends.  His older brother rounded out the group.  Demi and I dropped them off on Causeway Street with some funds for drinks.  Demi and I hung out with friends, while the boys went into the game.  We collected them after an overtime classic.  Then we all marched down to the North End.  We tried and failed at getting Regina's pizza.  But we got canolis from Mike's.  We ordered pizza on the way home, then sat down to eat our treats.  Coco really seemed to have a good time.  I think the evening was a success.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Typhoid Caz

Caz spent the long weekend in the sick room.  He completely took over the living room.  Saturday, he ran a fever of 103 all day.  He watched all 3 Blade movies, all 4 Pirates of the Carribean movies, and a few random movies thrown in.  We made several won-ton soup runs.  Demi made homemade chicken noodle soup.  Demi was brave enough to keep him company during the Patriots game.  The poor kid couldn't run in the coaches invitational track meet.  But his family rallied to take care of him.  It's standard operating procedure when one of us gets sick.  It's nice to see.  It's the way it should be.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Another Diagnosis

I knew this was coming.  I walked in the door from work to hear the last part of Demi's call.  It was all I needed to hear, "severe sleep apnea."  I knew from the trip to South Carolina that Coco's sleep apnea was not fixed by having his tonsils and adenoids out.  Apparently, he is being tested for low iron, which causes the jimmy leg.  The poor kid has enough going on.  He doesn't need this. It's just not fair.  But we will deal with it.  And we will be stronger for it.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Father/Bowl Night

What an unexpected surprise!  The son hanging out with hid dad to watch the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl, was not the son I thought it would be.  Caz stopped his activities to come watch with me.  Sure during the Rose Bowl, he was playing chess.  But he was completely focused on the Sugar Bowl.  I am sure it was due to Auburn being in the game.  War Eagle is still the leader in the clubhouse.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017.  This the halfway point.  Coco has missed a total of 1 day of school due to IBS & anxiety.  That is truly amazing.  Caz has half of his senior year left.  The countdown seems to have sped up.  My little boys are growing up.  I hope you parenting is going well.  I hope you all have the families you want.