Thursday, March 31, 2016


Today was the big day.  Coco got his tonsils and adenoids out.  No one gets those out anymore. It was routine for my generation.  It was almost as common as the chicken pox.  The trouble was, that operation is where I found out that I had Malignant Hyperthermia.....the hard way.  Demi knows the history.  It was in her head the whole time.  That is what made this whole day traumatic.  Everyone who came within 3 feet of Coco heard the words "Malignant Hyperthermia."  There would be no doubt in anyone's mind.  What are mom's for really?  Protect your cubs.
     The whole thing went off without a hitch.  Coco reached his goal of counting down from 100 to 1 during the knock out process.....sort of...."100, 99, 98, 83.......1.......2...77" and out!  He was under the knife for about 40 mins.  He was actually awake a lot earlier than I expected.  He was charming all the nurses.  He was really quite the one boy show.  He original rap needed some work but he was the most polite I think I have ever seen him.  The nurses kept coming over to see him, more than the occasional check in.  He got the royal treatment, water, Popsicles, you name it.  They got him up to his room early.  We could finally relax and take a breath.  The worst was over.  And the worst really wasn't that bad.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Witch Doctor

Demi took Coco in to see a Homeopathic doctor today.  He has a great local reputation.  There are folks that swear by him.  He uses a process where he tests materials, usually food, with the patient and depending on their bodies reaction, can tell if the patient should avoid those materials.  The patient raises their arm, the doctor places a jar with highly concentrated version of each material, then presses down on the arm.  If the arm lowers more easily, the patient should avoid that material.
     To be honest, I was skeptical.  But hey, if it works, great.  So be it.  I kept my mouth shut and supported Demi in her efforts.  Coco, on the other hand, showed no restraint in his skepticism.  He outright said it was all "voodoo" or "hocum".  He waved his magic wand and chuckled.  He spent the night debunking the whole process, first to me, then to Caz.  Of course, he doesn't realize that he will be avoiding the items that didn't pass the test for him......

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The. Meltdown

Tears.  Crying.  Sobbing.  Screaming.  It all finally came to a head.  The pressure of having to deal with a long term illness just got to Demi.  It was really only a matter of time.  I am actually surprised it took this long.  A lot of the burden is falling to her.  She is home the most.  Or rather, has the ability to be home with Coco the most.  She is also the focal point for Coco.  He's mama's little boy.
     The breaking point is really that there is no end in sight.  Nothing seems to be working.  Demi and I have differing views on that.  I feel a lot of it is in his head.  And what I mean by that is that he needs to want to get better.  He hasn't made that decision in his head yet.  Demi is more despondent.  She things medical science is failing him.  It is to a degree.  Either way, we still work together.  We have to.  We want to.  And we will make it.  One way or another.  I think she appreciated that I just listened.  I didn't try to fix anything.  I just let her vent.  It turns out, that is all she really needed.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Date Night

Big teenage milestone reached for Caz = First Date.  Caz got to meet his prom date in person.  He went on a double date with his good friend and his girlfriend.  This was a big night in a lot of ways.  He was in a car driven by a friend.  They went to a spot they hadn't been before on their own.  Dave & Buster's was a great call.  They can eat, play games, and socialize, all in one spot.
     Caz came home giddy.  He was smiling.  He wanted to talk to me.  He wanted to tell me all about it.  He told me how she beat him in Mario Kart and accused him of losing on purpose.  He told me how they played doubles air hockey.  He told me how he won a boat load of tokens.  I asked him what he spent them on.  He told me he turned them in for a big, teddy bear.  Funny, he didn't come home with a big, pink teddy bear.  I wonder where it is....????

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Still Got It

Looks like Dad still had the magic touch.  It does feel good to know that my 17 year old son wants his Dad to read to him.  It feels even better when he falls asleep while you are doing's a bit like going back in time, to when he was a toddler.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Leap 2016

Happy Real Birthday, Demi!  Every fours years, it's exciting to have a real birthday.  The boys are still happy that they are both "older" than you.  I hope you can find time to celebrate and enjoy.  I know we are going through tough family times.  You are bearing the brunt of the chaos.  You are doing great.  Hang in there.  Better days are ahead.  #Believe

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spa Weekend 2016

I wanted to get Demi some well deserved R&R for her birthday.  My great sister in-law, the perfect spot was found.  It was local too.  The room was fit for royalty.  Really.  It has purple walls, ceiling, and bedding.  The layout was fantastic.  Access to the Aqua Terrace, the hot tub with patio and bar.  The locker room was outstanding.  On the way out to the Aqua Terrace you had to go right past the Relaxation Room, complete with foot pool, lounge chairs, fruit infused water and silent noise mandate.  We even got in workouts in the fitness center before going back to another round in the hot tub.  It takes some getting used to to walk around in a robe in public places with not a lot going on underneath.  
The restaurant is right there.  The food is great.  There are new takes on some standby fare.  There is also a budding "shopping village" just a quick walk away.  We acquired some great selections of cheese, crackers, and accoutrements.  We got a nice bottle of wine.  I think Demi was able to unplug and get away from the chaos.  Mission accomplished.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Headed down

This is the end of a long week.  It's been especially trying.  Coco has missed school the last three days.  On top of his usual health issues, we think he is battling a stomach virus.  His sleep study results are still MIA.  Demi has had to do extra work to track down the results.  My insurance for my last dentist visit is up in the air.  We just can't seem to catch a break.  It is difficult, but trying to stay positive.  There is always tomorrow, right?  It is my choice to believe.  The alternative is unacceptable.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Accidental Information

Sometimes karma is just with you.  While trying to reschedule the SAT for Caz (since it was coming this SAT and it had dropped off everyone's radar), I came across a huge nugget of information.  Caz and I were looking at the next test date in May, when he remarked, "Oh good.  It's before Prom."

"Right before?  Like that day?"

"No, Dad.  Two weekends before."

"Why?  Do you have a date?" I asked kiddingly.


My jaw hit the floor.  I was a bit stunned.  I wasn't expecting that information.  I tentatively pressed for details.  I had to tread carefully.  I didn't want to spook the prey.  I was able to get the salient points.  My boy would be going to his first Prom.  Wow!