Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grease 2

Grease might be the word but just don't text it. Caz ended this cycle 67 texts over his limit. He is know lobbying for unlimited texting. Might cost less in the long run but here is another opportunity for him. He can pay the additional freight if he wants unlimited texting. Texting is an add-on. Talking is the purpose of the phone. A tool for the times like golfing when he is off by himself. Texting is the down fall of civilized communication. But that is rant for another day.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Grease Lightning

Summer lovin', had me a blast...... It is a strange site to see my 12 year old pal around this vacation with another 12 year old boy and two 13 year old girls. This young adult posse is new territory. They seem to playing kids games like Manhunt (this era's kick the can) but at the same time having some boy/girl dynamics. The mom of the other 12 year old boy, Bieber, made a statement that, "those girls are too old for them." And in some ways she was right. The boys aren't getting some of the girls statements. You can tell easily by the dazed looks in their eyes. Caz certainly doesn't get that they think he is handsome (even though they are not quiet about it). I knew this day would come at some point. It's hard to believe it's really finally here. A first summer romance. Caz has been so responsible with his cell phone. He hasn't lost it. He stays under his 100 minutes. He doesn't come close to his texting limit. Enter said 13 year old girls. With 9 days left in the cycle, Caz has 57 texts. His limit is 250. The day we broke camp here in Montauk the kids all exchanged numbers. By the end of the day, the text total was 189. Buddha help me through adolescence. This looks like it may be more difficult as a parent than actually having gone through it.