Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movie Review - The Tooth Fairy

I took Coco and a few of his friends to this movie for a birthday celebration. Caz and a buddy tagged along as well. Me and 7 kids in the car. It was only for 20 mins or so, but still. They sang Ke$ha's Tic Toc on the way down. It's just wrong. They know all the top 40 crap being played and a chorus of "boys just want to touch my junk" is just inherently wrong. Let me tell you, the concession stand was a cluster, 7 different drinks was a chore. I think we overwhelmed the poor high school kid working it. I mean, I only got two bucket of popcorn to go with it. 9 items, Dude. That's the express line at any grocery store.
I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I probably had zero expectations going in. And I like the Rock. I thought Race to Witch Mountain was a good family flick. While this movie was a typical family movie formula, it was fairly well done. A very nice performance turned in by Billy Crystal. Even though he's a fan of the Evil Empire, he cracks me up. This part was in line with his role in Princess Bride. Some of the slap stick and silliness was really well done too. I am not eagerly anticipating the DVD release but it was a good family trip.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Training 2010 Part Deux

The first round of indoor baseball training concludes today. Much to Coco's relief I am sure. I know he won't want to go for a second round. I don't plan to push it. However, Caz asked to continue. I am thrilled. He wants to enroll in the hitting clinic. That bodes well that he is back into baseball and actually looking forward to playing. I hope they both land on teams where they have friends and good coaches. That makes all the difference.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 3 - Renovations

This was the week I was dreading. The first "issues" popped up. Whenever "issues" crop up with home improvement projects, it always cost money. The electrician told us that the breaker box was a mess. The builder piggy backed all the circuits. No surprise there. We blow fuses way too often. Typical 70's work. The original electrician was probably stoned when he wired it. All in all, not too costly.
The floor guys tore up the front hall. There was a couple of holes from water damage. That explains where we might have gotten some furry visitors during he winter. It's better to know and get it fixed, but definitely a cost we were not expecting. Ah well, I knew it had to happen at some point.
This week, instead of demolition, there is some framing and full fledged remodeling going on. That's nice to see.
The family is doing really well. We are adjusting to basement life. Demi has really set up a nice space to cook and have dinner. She had the electrician put in an oven outlet in the workroom. The work crew moved the old stove down stairs. So what does Demi do? She cooks a traditional turkey dinner. I mean of course. Why not? Everyone talked about all the take-out they had when they remodeled their kitchens. The kids can't appreciate how good they have it.