Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas 2012 in NY

Christmas in NY was interesting this year.  We really had to find out if things were stable there.  Could we get gas OK? (if they were still rationing gas).  Were the parkways all clear?  We brought more clothing donations with us as well.
     The boys had grown a lot since most of the family had seen them.  Caz was taller than a lot of them.  Coco was on his way past a few.  Grandma shrinking helped that too.
     Caz and Coco are no longer the youngest.  A new generation is starting.  Demi's nephew adopted a son, when he got married.  Another one is on the way.  Another of Demi's nephews got engaged.  And thus the circle of life starts again.
     Our kids take to the change well.  They really get on well with their new cousin.  The older cousins have more in common with them.  They all played a long session of Rock Band.  Coco stole the show.  He was not shy.  True, he didn't hit a lot of the notes.  The cats in the neighborhood starting coming around.  But the kid is a showman.  I like that he's not shy and not afraid to put himself out there.  He's come a long way.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekend at Dan'l's

Demi told me to pack a bag for a weekend getaway.  That is all the information provided.  I was told that I didn't need winter clothes but something nice to go out to dinner in.
     Turns out Demi booked a couple of nights at the Dan'l Webster Inn.  It wasn't far, only over the bridge to the Cape.  But it seemed like a world away while we were there.
     As much as I love the boys, you do need a break once in while.  On both sides.  The boys got to hang out with my Brother and his family.  They enjoyed their cousins.  They got to eat wings and burgers with their uncle.  Life was good.
     Life was good for us too.  Isolation.  What to do?  Sleep in?  What a novel idea.  Sit and read, uninterrupted.  Nice treat.  Just having options was really a nice change.
     By the end of the weekend, Demi and I were both missing the boys.  It's natural.  But the break served it's purpose.  Both sides are refreshed.  Ready to get back at it.  Sure there may be re-entry issues.  But you do appreciate each other all the more.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Multi Functional Shovel

The kids gave me birthday presents early.  Demi booked a secret weekend getaway (but that is a whole other post).  They were fired up when I got home.  They had clearly been wrapping and putting presents together.  There was a trail of tape, scissors, and debris.  They both bought me gifts with their own money.  Caz got me a much needed wallet.  He knew that bi-fold was my preference.  I can't be sitting on a Costanza size wad.  That would mess with my back.....
     Coco purchased me a Shaper Image shovel.  He was a hoot while explaining all the things it could do.  It telescopes for compact storage.  It has a serrated edge.  Apparently I can saw down a tree with it.  The best feature, according to Coco, is that I can open a bottle with it.  Just in case I step in dog crap with my sandals which have an opener on the bottom.  The kid is a thinker.....

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Putting Heads Together

I got a huge kick out of the boys today.  They really jelled, working together to pick out Christmas presents from their Mom.  They had a great discussion, pitching ideas to each other.  They did research on-line.  They even bargain shopped.  It was a great process to observe.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The End of an Era

Well, Caz's football season is done.  His last youth game has been played.  Hard to believe.  It seems like just a short time ago, that he was a Mighty Mite. 
     I put together a memento of his youth playing days today.  A photo journal from his first Mighty Mite days to his final 8th grade game.  It was fun for me to go through the pictures.  I got to relive a lot of those times.  That was my first foray into coaching kids.  I have said it before and I will say it again, you may think you know a lot about football (or any subject for that matter) but trying to explain and teach it to kids is a whole other matter.  Here I am, 7 season later and I am still learning to do it. 
     I really enjoyed seeing all the old pictures.  Caz has grown so much.  Not just in size.  He has grown to love the sport.  I think he will miss the youth days soon.  He's training for next year already.  And he was eager to do it.  He couldn't wait for Dragon's Lair (the strength and conditioning program offered by the high school coach) to begin. 
     This project is going to be a Christmas gift.  I hope he enjoys looking through it, as much as I have putting it all together.