Saturday, November 12, 2016

Comics Come Home

Mom and Dad got a well earned night out.  The boys are home on their own.  They can fend for themselves for dinner.  They know how to cook or to procure food.  We didn't tell them until just before we were leaving.  That gives them less time to scheme with their friends, if they were so inclined.  They are good kids.  But we are not naive.  Why tempt fate?
     Demi and I took advantage of some alone time.  We had a great dinner in the North End.  We saw a great show in the Boston Garden, which raised money for a great cause, the Neely House..  We saw some great comedians.  There was one trouble spot when one comic went too political.  Nerves were still too raw from the previous week's election.  But the show came back around.  Demi and I went back to the North End and got some pastries for the road.  You need these nights.  All 4 of us benefit from it.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Anniversaries and Adventures in Babysitting

Today is a big day.  It is my parents 49th wedding anniversary.  It is also the start of a weekend of watching my nephew and niece.  We thought we would combine events and make a celebrations of it.    I invited my parents over to have dinner with all of us, our kids and my brother's kids.  Nothing says extended family celebration in our house like Chinese food.
     I picked up my nephew from day care.  Linda called in the order of Chinese food.  Caz picked up my niece from a play date with her neighbor.  It was all going so well.  Until Hank and I went to pick up the food.  They didn't have or order.  The order was called into the other location.  So off we went on a 40 minute detour.  Oh well.  More one on one time with my nephew.  He was in great spirits.  He gave me such a great hello when I picked him up.  He was very chatty.  He was looking to help me get the food.
     My parents were happy.  They appreciated the time with all of us.  They didn't have plans.  They were also not feeling up to much after Dad's surgery and Mom's complication from her test.  I pressed them for next year.  What would they like to do? Who would they like to see?  Dad said no one.  He doesn't want a fuss.  Too bad.  This is the one time I have to ignore his wishes.  50 years is a long time.  It deserves a celebration.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

War Eagle

Caz's first response from the college application process came in today.  Congratulations Caz, on being accepted by Auburn University.  It is great to know you have an acceptance early.  This is very early.  He's in somewhere.  Our boy is going to college.  Auburn is a highly ranked engineering school too.  That is just fantastic.