Friday, March 10, 2017

Trial and Error?

I am still not sure if this ended in an error.  We took Caz off his medication for a week, to see how he would fare.  He will be going off to college soon.  That is a natural time for kids with ADHD to stop medicating.  We figured now would be the time to know.
     Caz didn't do himself any favors.  He was extra crabby.  There was less time for him to be cranky, since he was sleeping or eating.  Either way his mouth was occupied.  In hind sight, this was not an ideal week for this test.  Demi had her own situation going on.  She was way more susceptible to being egged on by Caz.  It was a recipe for disaster.
     It was hard to tell if Caz was just being an annoying teen or extra bitchy because he was off medication.  We couldn't even ask him about school or studying.  It was a rough week.  It this one is an anomaly and we have to test again.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Teenage Years Movie Night

....for Demi and me that is.
     The boys did not want to go to the movies.  So?  No problem.  Demi and I go to dinner, then the movie.  The boys are left home to fend for themselves.  We didn't cook for them.  We didn't order dinner for them.  If they get hungry, they can cook for themselves.  That is the pro of the teenage years.
     Demi and I had a nice first foray to a new-ish restaurant in the Kingston Collection.  It is a strange place for a dressier, fancier eatery.  But the food was good.  We were right there for the movie.  We finished and went to see Logan.  Great film by the way.  I give it 4.5 Chinnies.  It was less Superhero Movie and more character.  Logan is a great character.  This was a great way for Hugh Jackman to go out as the Wolverine.  Better than the first two.  That is not easy for the third in a series.