Sunday, January 2, 2011

Movie Review -TRON

First movie review of the year. I took the boys to see Tron - Legacy. I tried to get the original to watch first but it's out of print and prices on eBay were way too high. The boys had seen the preview and seemed only mildly interested in it. But they humored the old man and we went to see this latest installment. In 3D no less. I thought the movie was pretty good. It was a bit unoriginal and predictable. The effects were good. The casting department did a great job finding someone that was the spitting image of a young Jeff Bridges. There was some good action scenes. They took the old effects and really improved them. It brought back great memories of playing the old games in the the arcade. The light cycles. The disc arena. Facing Cue was the precursor to Brickbreaker. 13 looked great in black and neon. Surprisingly, the boys were really into it, Coco in particular. I give this edition a B+.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day 2011

Happy 1-1-11, as Coco eagerly pointed out. He was very fascintated with this numeric anomaly. Unfortunately, I spent much of the day working. But I still watched the Rose Bowl parade and a few games with the boys. I think the parade is interesting. To watch. I wouldn't want to go but I like the TV aspect of it. I recall growing up, having it on TV, just like I do now with the boys and Demi.
The boys and I worked in a snowball fight too. They built quite impressive snow forts during the week. The forts needed some quick repair before the festivities could begin. Then it was an all out free for all. Coco and Dad against Caz and Coleman (a neighborhood kid). We dueled all over the yard. Gizmo provided some yellow snow balls which got interesting. Snowballs flew, kids ran, and kids dove. Laughter filled the air.
Never get too old for a snowball fight. The boys love it when Demi and I are out there flinging snow balls at them. They love trying to sneak up on us and catch us by surprise. I wish I saw more of that around the neighborhood. Most of the neighborhood kids come over with the boys to try and take on the Champs. No one gets spared when it comes to the snowball fight. Which is why I think they all enjoy it.