Thursday, July 21, 2016

In This Lifetime

Last night was a great Father/Son event.  Caz and I went to Gillette to see the Guns n Roses Not In This Lifetime Tour.  Caz prepped the cooler.  He went out and got subs for dinner.  He packed the chairs.  He did this all before I got home from work.
     We listened to GnR an they way up, with some Lenny Kravitz, the opening act, mixed in.  We had some nice discussion on the way, pre-show and in between sets.  We talked about his buddies, his girlfriend and his college choices.  The bands rocked.  The weather was perfect.  Just an all around wonderful evening.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Late Excuse #147

This was a new exchange:

"Why were you so late coming home from work?"

"A lady came in with a big order at the end of my shift. And then I hit two Poke stops on the way home."

Silent pause

"Did you catch anything?" ....

And so it goes with the new craze....

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Righting the Ship

Today, it is has been a test of wills.  I have spent the day trying to get Coco back on track.  He has had a couple of lousy days in a row now.  My mission today has been to not let the trend continue.
     I got up early to run.  I wanted to make sure I was done before Coco got up (no problem there) and allow enough time to get him ready for his job training.  Yes, Coco will have a part time job soon.   Something to get him out of the house a few days a week.  Yay!.  It took my 90 mins and stretched my patience but I got him there on time.
     It was a 3 hour battle of wills when we got back though.  He thought he could wear me down.  Not  a chance.  I got him fed.  He did his post meal routine.  Then he helped me take the bottles and cans to the redemption center.  I was close to getting him out on the kayak.  Very close.  But no cigar.
     This afternoon won't be much different.  Let's see how it goes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go

This new app is quite a phenomenon.  This craze is sweeping across America.  It is also very promising.  It is getting kids up and out of the house.  It is getting them to socialize in person.
     Pokemon Go is bringing out some positive qualities in my kids.  They are working together.  They are hanging out together.  They are riding their bikes.  I think they had to wipe the dust off of them.  Caz rigged his with my workout armband cellphone case.  He can keep both hands on the bars and still see his phone.  The three Chin boys are making a great team.  Tonight, Caz drove them all over Duxbury hunting Pokemon.  They were at it for four hours.  The got home at 11 pm.  Late, I know.  But it was all for a good cause.  It was a nice treat for them.  It is nice for Demi and me, too.  We have the house all to ourselves with peace and quiet.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Back At It

I can't believe it has been almost two months since my last post.  I thought I was doing something exceptional posting while we were in the chaotic period of living in Rhode Island and participating on the Hasbro Partial Program.  Maybe that was exceptional.  Maybe I shouldn't feel bad about such a long break in posts.  I was busy being a Father.  We were very pressed reintegrating back to life after PHP.  It wasn't Coco that had to adjust.  This changed things for everyone, Caz included.  We had to learn to function as individuals and as a family again.  So then, should I feel bad about that being my priority?  Probably not.  This blog is a hobby.  It is meant to help other Fathers.  Maybe that is why I feel bad about the break.  Maybe I let another Father down.  Of course that hinges on a hug assumption that someone actually reads this thing.  Either way, it is ok to make living the priority.  Documenting this is secondary.  I still may go back and back post some entries.  Some really cool stuff has happened during this time lapse.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Return of Chin the Third

The Third Chin boy made is annual appearance today.  T-Beau is up in Duxbury from Texas.  He becomes our third son for most of his stay.  He spends days on end here.  Technically, he is Coco's age.  While he spends most of his time with Coco, he gets on well with Caz too.  The three of them pal around a lot in the summer.
     This year having T-Beau has been very fortunate for us.  Coco was in one of his funks.  We were way off course.  Today with T-Beau has turned things around.  Coco is a different person.  He is smiling.  He is active.  He is engaging.  Such a huge step in the right direction.  T-Beau is more than welcome to stay as long as he wants.