Sunday, July 9, 2017

Levitate 2017

Today didn't turn out quite as planned.  But that is just fine.  It turned out better than expected.
     We lucked into some passes for Day Two of the local Levitate Music Festival.  I only really wanted to see the closing act, Ziggy Marley.  I did want to spend time with the boys, so is would go for as long as they wanted.  Early in the day, Coco said he didn't want to go.  That is fine.  I am not going to force him to go.  Caz wanted to go.  Caz then asked our friend, T-Beau, who was on his annual trip from TX, to go.  When that happened, Coco wanted in.  Both boys realized  there were only three passes.  Before they could think, I told them to take all three passes and have fun.  I would rather see the three of them running around together, than go myself.  They had a great time.  Coco had been having a hard day to that point.  It was the lift we all needed.  The healing power of music.
     Of course Coco couldn't wait to tell me how much glaucoma medicine was wafting around... he just thinks it's funny.  Better to talk about these things, than avoid an uncomfortable topic.  Make it comfortable.  You want your kids to talk to you.

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