Monday, June 5, 2017

Road Trip 2017

Caz's first road trip.  He's 18 now. He needs to make his own choices and understand the consequences that come with each choice.  His buddies planned a trip to Twin Rivers Casino.  I knew it wasn't a full blown casino like Foxwoods or Mohegan but I still didn't think one could get in if under 21 years of age. Who knew?  I thought it might be a really short trip.
     He egged his mother on in the days leading up to his departure.  He asked for funds to go clothes shopping, so he could get some "good" clothes for the casino.  Then he expected Demi to iron them.  I thought he might not make the trip after all.....But then he mentioned there was a gentlemens club there too.  It was probably just to see her reaction.  The little punk....
     While down there we left him alone.  We didn't call to check up on him.  He actually called us.  The car didn't seem right, then it really had some trouble.  He pulled it into a safe parking lot.  He and his buddies called Demi, then our mechanic.  His buddy had AAA+, so they arranged to have the car towed to our mechanic.  They arranged a ride home from the train the next day.  Ca really handled himself well.  We are very proud of him.

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